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Garage Door Services In Chicago

Burglary often occurs through the garage, a place where you store many of your valuable possessions, most importantly your car. If you want security when it comes to your home and property, you need a garage door that is both physically strong and structurally sound. Fortunately, Garage Door Group Chicago is here to provide valuable garage door services in Chicago, including repair, installation, renovation, and warranties. We provide garage repair services to many different areas within the greater Chicago area, including:

We handle everything, including the track, motors, rollers, hinges, and the spring tension bar, keeping in mind the entire structure of the garage to make sure that you are getting quality services that will last. Our garage door services in Chicago will help you sleep better at night, knowing that your garage is secure.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage doors have to endure a lot, and weather, age, and normal wear and tear can lead to a whole list of different problems, many of which the average homeowner is simply not equipped or experienced enough to solve on their own. When it comes to garage door repair, you want a name you can trust, and Garage Door Group Chicago has been in the business long enough to get the professional experience you need. This experience has given us the ability to provide a wide range of garage door repair services, such as repairing individual parts which are malfunctioning, to replacing them entirely if necessary, all while making improvements to the overall structure of your garage door.

Making repairs to your own garage door can be time-consuming, costly (possibly resulting in even more problems in the long-run), and it can even be dangerous. When in doubt, trust the professionals. Our repair work is guaranteed, it is far more convenient for you, and you run no risk of injury to yourself. You can trust our technicians to properly diagnose and repair any garage door problem you may be faced with. We work safely and efficiently, and many of our repairs can be completed on the same day that we arrive at your home.

Our technicians provide detailed options for our customers, including estimates on cost, and keep you informed as to what we have to do to get your garage door up and running properly. Some Chicago garage door services have a straightforward solution, while others may require more subtle and complex solutions, but no matter what is necessary, our technicians have you covered. Most of the parts that we install, such as springs, casters, and tracks, also carry up to a five year warranty.

By keeping you informed, we will help you better understand your garage door, the mechanisms involved, and how you can better prevent problems in the future. We believe in quality garage door services in Chicago, and that means getting your garage door up and running safely and properly, ensuring you valuable security for your property.

Garage Door Installation Services

Trying to repair problems with your garage door is one thing, but garage door installation is definitely something you will want to leave to the professionals. Our technicians will come to your home and assess exactly what needs to be done, and then give you an estimate. After deciding on the right garage door for your home, we will be prepared to take on the heavy lifting, including taking down your old and damaged garage door and possibly even the old motor, tracks, or whatever else is in need of replacement. Once all of the old and worn-out equipment is removed, we will take the proper measurements, and from there install everything from weather stripping to new tracks and pulleys, making sure your garage door is installed properly. This kind of project is generally completed the very same day. Our work is guaranteed, and if you are not completely satisfied with your new garage door, we will come back and remedy the problem free of charge.

Garage Door Group Chicago doesn’t just install a new garage door, we also show you exactly how to use it, as well as what you can do in order to keep it working efficiently and to prevent possible damage to it in the future. Our garage door services in Chicago are about more than just customer satisfaction, we also want to arm our customers with the knowledge to better use and maintain their equipment.

Installing a brand new garage door not only helps add additional security to your home and property, it also improves the quality of your home and increases its resale value.
Outdated garage doors can also simply take away from the overall appearance of your home, and are they are often less safe and efficient. Generally speaking, if your garage door was installed prior to 1993, it is not up to the standard of a rolling code system, and this can make your garage more susceptible to theft and burglary. Modern garage doors are usually remote controlled or can even be operated with a smart device, and many of them can also help regulate temperature through better insulation, lowering your chances of mold. Modern garage doors are simply safer, more efficient, and better in appearance than old ones. All of these are important factors when considering whether or not to install a new garage door. With our professional garage door services in Chicago, you will have better security, higher property value, and more aesthetic appeal for your home or business.


We are the “expert” experts when it comes to garage door repairs, services, or even remodeling. Our history and good standing in the industry speaks for itself. We take pride in giving quality work and having it show! Read More...


We specialize in garage door repair, installation, renovation/remodeling, and even junk cleanup for both residential, business, and commercial applications. We’ll give you the best and complete service in Chicago that will meet your needs. Read More...


Everyone needs a change every now and then. Our remodeling and renovation services start at conception and ends with completion. We offer top quality products and installation for the lowest prices you’ll find. Give us a call!


Getting a warranty on something you have invested time and money in is always a good idea. People sometimes neglect this because it’s easy to not think about something that may or may not happen in the future, but trust us, when the time comes, you will be glad you got that warranty. Problems happen when you least expect them, and having them happen within the span of your warranty means you get repairs done completely free of cost. Trust us, plan ahead now and you will save yourself a lot of time, energy, and hassle in the future.

Fortunately, many of our quality products, from such reputable manufacturers as Amarr and C.H.I. are available with a five year warranty. Our garage door services in Chicago are more than just guaranteed, we also want our customers to have the security and peace of mind that comes with warranties on our products.

If you experience any problems with your garage door during the warranty period, Garage Door Group Chicago will provide the technical support you need in order to solve the problem.

Garage Renovation Services

Our garage door services in Chicago also include garage renovation services. Garages can account for some real organizational headaches, and when your garage is not up-to-date and could use improvement, we can help you upgrade and maximize your storage space. Our technicians know how to work with your garage’s structural integrity and specific layout. Garage Door Group Chicago will revamp your garage for added aesthetics, functionality, and home value. We will help you transform your garage into a more convenient storage space, which will improve all areas of your home as you are able to reduce clutter by maximizing your property. The garage is usually the largest room in the house, and it is often far easier and less expensive to transform than the basement or some kind of ad-on.


Part of our professional garage door services in Chicago involve using only the best equipment and most quality products for the job. LiftMaster is a line of garage door openers and remotes that we are proud to carry, and they are compatible with many different garage door opener brand names, such as:

  • Chamberlain
  • Sears Craftsman
  • Garage Master
  • Access Master
  • Security +
  • Estate Series
  • Formula I
  • Whisper Drive
  • Power Drive
  • Billion Code
  • Tricode
  • Passport
  • Master Mechanic
  • True Value
  • True Guard
  • Raynor

All of these brands are fully interchangeable with LiftMaster garage door opener remotes, mini transmitters, replacement parts, keychain remotes and more, which gives you a wide range of equipment to work with. LiftMaster’s keyless entry systems and control panels allow you to have both security and convenience at the same time. LiftMaster’s remotes include anti-burglary technology, including a progressive home security lock feature and vacation mode, which will make your garage and home more secure. LiftMaster will make sure that your garage door is never left open, preventing intrusion and theft.

Professional Service You Can Trust

Our garage door services in Chicago guarantee customer satisfaction, and the majority of our high quality products and materials are warrantied. We know the value that a functional and aesthetically appealing garage can add to your home, both in terms of resale value, personal convenience, and security. We take pride in our work, and we want you to take pride in your garage, be it commercial or residential.

For quality garage door services in Chicago through excellent products and services, you can rely on Garage Door Group Chicago to get the job done right the first time.