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The Garage Door Group Chicago brings the benefit of offering service and repair anywhere in Chicago. We bring a group together to offer you the very best prices and talent in the garage door repair industry. We will not be undersold, best price & service comes guaranteed!

When you want the finest service or product in the garage door business, trust your home with Garage Door Group Chicago. We’re all experienced professionals that know exactly what it takes to find a high quality solution that offer both protection while still flattering your home. Conveniently located in greater Chicago, IL; we are proudly serving all of the Chicago and the metropolitan areas.

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WE ARE the community’s #1 resource for everything you need to keep your garage door going with full functionality and looking aesthetically attractive!

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We are the “expert” experts when it comes to garage door repairs, services, or even remodeling. Our history and good standing in the industry speaks for itself. We take pride in giving quality work and having it show! Read More...


We specialize in garage door repair, installation, renovation/remodeling, and even junk cleanup for both residential, business, and commercial applications. We’ll give you the best and complete service in Chicago that will meet your needs. Read More...


Everyone needs a change every now and then. Our remodeling and renovation services start at conception and ends with completion. We offer top quality products and installation for the lowest prices you’ll find. Give us a call!

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